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Animations can be implemented in a variety of ways for an endless amount of marketing strategies. Here at Alpha Luna we make 2D and 3D animations for our clients and together we'll find the best strategy to make sure that you get the animation you need to reach your goals. Every animation is tailor-made to ensure that you get the most out of it.
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How we work

How we set your brand in motion


In the concept phase we concentrate on how to take your message to the next level. We'll write a powerful script for you or simply cross the T's and dot the I's for a script you’ve already written. We'll help you depict a clear message that can be told in minutes. Once a concept has taken form, we start looking for a matching style. Is the animation serious, playful, informative or just a great story? Did you yourself already have a style in mind? No matter the case, your wants and wishes are front and center in the concept phase.


Now that the script and the animation style are taken care of it is time to make it visual. We do this with the help of a style-sheet and storyboard. The storyboard consists of hand drawn sketches depicting a general impression of the scenes in the animation. The style-sheet is a document that shows two fully illustrated scenes. You can also find useful information like the color-pallet, fonts or character designs that will be used in there. Do you have some stylistic ideas yourself? We can always incorporate them. It's important that the biggest changes and revisions to the story have been taken care of so that production goes smoothly.


We have a clear idea of what the look and feel of the animation is going to be. That means it is time to get to work. The sketched storyboard is going to be upgraded to high-quality illustrations. No time to rest as everything is set in motion. Frame by frame your story will be brought to life. To top it off, a professional voice over and studio quality background music can be added.


Now that all the scenes are animated, a professional voice-over, background music, sound effects and minor revisions have been taken care of, your animation is done! Only when all involved are a 100% happy will the animation be delivered. No matter the device or platform, offline or online, we take into consideration the multitude of ways the animation can be used.

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Our services
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2D Animation

2D animated videos are the right choice for many businesses. From visualizing the use of your services, helping to sell your product, employee training videos, explainer videos, video ads and social media marketing. The possibilities are limitless!For our 2D animations we utilize a combination of vibrant colors, dynamic character movement and memorable messaging as a proven format that engages, informs, entertains and persuades.

3D Animation

A 3D animation will capture the attention of your viewers and engage in communication with your brand resulting in brand loyalty. Through a 3D animated video, you lead the consumer to your product or service while providing them an interesting and memorable experience. 3D animation makes it possible to show your customers extra details by illustrating features of your product that they may not normally use. In doing so you gain their trust and good faith towards your company, services and/or product.


Companies that are looking for a professional and effective video are in the right place. 'We must do online content'. Good idea, but where to start. Facebook? And do you need subtitles for Linkedin? What format works best for Instagram? Don't worry, we can help you with these questions. At Alpha Luna we make sure your wishes become reality. We'll make sure creative ideas will be translated into production for you new film. Alpha Luna strives for original concepts so you'll get noticed.

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2D Animation

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3D Animation

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